How It All Began…

I’ve always loved to bake, and i’ve been making cakes, cookies and bread for a few years, but the decorations always left something to the imagination…that was until December 2013!

Myself and my friend Karen had decided to make some Christmas cakes as I’d made one the year before, but when it came to decorating the Christmas cakes we were really stuck for ideas. In early November my Dad spotted a “Christmas Cupcakes and Decorating” class on groupon and it wasn’t too expensive so we decided to go…well, this was the best decision we ever made.

During the class the instructor, Virginia of taught us how to use sugarpaste to make Christmas trees, to top cupcakes and also to add designs to biscuits.

We got to take home the cupcakes and cookies we decorated that day. Here are my creations from that day:


After this class I was filled with lots of new ideas, and my cupboards were filled with lots of new equipment. I practiced decorating some biscuits first


And some cupcakes:





and then the time came to decorate my Christmas Cake.

2011’s cake was pretty rubbish to be honest – the snowflakes on top were Christmas decorations:


but I have to say I was VERY proud of 2012’s cake:





Myself and Karen made all the figures ourselves out of sugarpaste/fondant and we stayed up til around 1am to make sure it got finished! It tasted brilliant too!!

I ended up making some New Year’s Eve cupcakes to take to a party the next week



I’ve had some really good feedback from friends and family and the rest, they say, is history.

I’m hoping to one day make this hobby into a business but for now I’m just going to enjoy making cakes and seeing what kind of crazy decorations I can come up with next!!